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We offer a clear path to leadership and ownership and are actively recruiting structural engineers looking for a long-term career. When you work for us, you have the opportunity to follow your interests and develop your own book of work. We encourage lifelong learning and support professional and community-based activities so that you can be the engineer you want to be. Ownership opportunities are provided to all employees with open access to firmwide financial information. Within our organization, there are three basic career paths:

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Designers spend two to three years involved in a variety of projects to broaden their expertise and gravitate towards their areas of interest in structural engineering!
Design Engineers gain two to three years experience planning, scheduling, performing, and/or coordinating detailed phases of the engineering work on parts of major projects, and on the entirety of moderately sized projects!
Project Engineers make independent decisions regarding engineering problems and methods, and represent the firm in problem solving and planning, coordinating, and supervising project work for two to three years before becoming project managers!
Associate Principals possess a high level of technical and management expertise enabling them to successfully manage projects while developing and growing their client base!
Principals are the technical leaders in the firm. They provide expert project guidance, mentoring to advancing engineers and associates, and they review applications of quality management. organizations!
Senior Principals are the technical leaders in the firm and the industry. Like principals, they provide expert project guidance and mentoring while they review applications of quality management. They also serve in leadership roles in professional and technical organizations!

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Design Engineers

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Project Engineers

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