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Team of Degenkolb Volunteers Participates in SF Canstruction
This week, a Bay Area Degenkolb team completed a sculpture made out of canned food for San Francisco's Canstruction event. Canstruction is a nonprofit organization that holds a design and build competition to construct extravagant structures made entirely out of canned food. All proceeds from Canstruction go to the San Francisco Food Bank.Degenkolb's team re-created the historic Castro Theater in San Francisco using just canned food. It took the team about 6 hours to place the roughly 2000 cans into place in a structure that is roughly 6’x2’x6’ tall. If you’re in San Francisco, all 13 canned food sculptures are on display until Saturday, June 26th at the Metreon on the 4th floor. Afterwards, the sculptures will be disassembled and donated to the SF Food Bank. Much thanks goes to Brendan Lo, Chris Davis, Chris Putman, Kate Coffaro (Happy Birthday!), Lisa Aukeman, Melissa Vickery, and Taka Yokoyama from Degenkolb's Oakland office and Bryan Bindrich and Laura Weyl from the SF office for donating their time and effort to coordinate and construct this project. Last night, the award ceremony was held at the Metreon. The Degenkolb team's structure won an honorable mention! Congratulations to all!Click here to learn more about Canstruction.
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Posted by noblestudios on June 23, 2011 4:00 PM
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