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Post Turkey Earthquake - Day 1
Arrived at the airport in the city of Van, Turkey just before lunch. Our EERI/METU team had a taxi ready to take me directly to the city of Ercis where most of the damage occurred. It was raining when I arrived and very cold. There was a lot of inconsistency in the damage. Photo #1: Mosque under construction near the city of Van. No damage visible.Photo #2: Two damaged buildings in the City Center of Ercis. The one in the background currently has rescue operations underway to retrieve survivors.Photo #3: Building under construction in the City Center of Van. See photo #4 for the evidence of flexural hinging at the column base. See Photo #5 for shear wall damage.Photo #4: Typical column hinging in the weak direction of the columnPhoto #5: Shear cracks in the transverse columns/walls.Photo #6: Column off set from its base.Photo #7: Diagonal shear cracks. Note the bent vertical bars noting the amount of displacement the wall underwent after the shear crack developed.Photo #8: Two similarly constructed buildings. The adjacent building completely collapsed killing 8 people. The remaining building suffered some upper story damage, but managed to stay erect.Photo #9: The City Governor's Building. Appears to have performed very well.
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Posted by noblestudios on October 27, 2011 3:22 PM
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