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One San Francisco school has already prepared for the next seismic event.

In 2013, St. Ignatius College Preparatory hired Degenkolb to perform detailed seismic evaluations of four campus buildings.  School administrators were motivated by concerns regarding the safety of students and faculty and uncertainty about San Francisco’s timetable for mandatory evaluations.

A major concern for the school, as with many clients, was the potential disruption that seismic repairs to existing facilities can cause.  “A little bit of work all over the place is extremely disruptive and costly,” said Principal and Project Manager Roger Parra.

Another concern was timing, with summer classes, workshops, and other year-round uses in play, the campus never fully-shut down.  The summer months however posed the best opportunity for construction with the least amount of operational disruption.

With these challenges in mind, the Degenkolb team chose targeted locations throughout three campus buildings to strengthening.  Looking for isolated but high-impact locations helped keep the strengthening scheme and construction to a minimum.

Success on the project resulted from strong partnerships across the design team with City of San Francisco building and planning officials.  Roger’s previous involvement with the Private Schools Earthquake Safety Working Group helped the school understand the intent of the legislation and garner assistance from ESIP staff.

The St. Ignatius College Preparatory evaluation and retrofit program can be seen as one model for achieving seismic safety in our private schools.
Additional partners were: Marshall Lee Architects, Plant Construction, ESIP Staff.

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Posted by laurielumish on January 27, 2015 10:40 AM
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