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Innovative Building Data Collection and Management


Data collection, management, and reporting are conveniently streamlined through the use of mobile apps and database software. In past the year, Degenkolb used Fulcrum’s data collection application to collect information on more than 15,000 buildings and building components for clients that included the city of Santa Monica and Pacific Gas & Electric.

The app streamlines Degenkolb’s information gathering and reporting to four easy steps: collect, review, export and report.

For Degenkolb’s work with the city of Santa Monica, we are currently using the Fulcrum app to inventory several 100 buildings helping the city identify high-risk structures.  Teams of Degenkolb engineers are walking the city streets collecting data on GPS location, physical conditions, observed deficiencies and photos.

Data collected by multiple engineers in the field is uploaded from mobile devices to the Fulcrum database. Degenkolb’s team will cross reference the gathered data with local and existing records to verify their findings in the field. Data is available in a variety of formats for current and future use by the city of Santa Monica. Lastly, raw data, with GPS coordinates and photos, will be provided for incorporation into Santa Monica’s’ mapping programs by Degenkolb listing all of the potentially earthquake-vulnerable structures. The information will also be compiled into a report for the City’s future initiatives. 

Degenkolb has also used Fulcrum software to collect information about the seismic anchorage of critical equipment and components within hospitals as part of California's Seismic Compliance Program, as well as being ideal for post-earthquake inventories. For more information on how Degenkolb’s use of Fulcrum for data collection in hospitals has been beneficial, read a case-study on the Fulcrum website.

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Posted by alisshadavis on August 28, 2014 12:03 PM
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