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Holly’s Top 3 Trends in Student Housing

Holly’s Top 3 Trends in Student Housing

• Flexible common spaces: Universities encourage social engagement and collaboration, skills that are vital to success in the work force. Common spaces such as student lounges, study space, and kitchens support student engagement and build community and a sense of place. Making these spaces flexible with comfortable movable furniture allows planned and impromptu use of the space. 

• Amenities: Universal WiFi connectivity and electrical outlets are essential to the Generation Z students entering college who have been influenced by widespread use of mobile devices and modern technology from a young age. Amenities found in mixed-use apartments, such as in-suite laundry, coffee shops, and workout spaces, are making their way into student housing.

• Capturing new space: Creative planning to repurpose spaces, downsizing student rooms to increasing common spaces, and capturing new floor area are all strategies to increase bed count and create collaborative spaces for group learning and collaboration, socializing, and convenient amenities.

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Posted by marikadocous on September 19, 2017 3:23 PM
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