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Degenkolb Softball Game 2
The Degenkolb squad had another strong showing against Fugro on Thursday.  The team was at an all time low with former coach, Andrew "Everybody should play but I can’t make it" Scott, current coach Bryan "I'll Have to Wait Another Week to Start" Bindrich, Gordy "Ace Hurler" Wray and John "Heavy Hitter" Sticklen all out for the week.  We had to rely on the rookie players with Paige Hill, Dave Martin, Alan Roberts, Andrew Ma, Paul Sargent and Theresa Turri (not a rookie but new after a long break) -  nicknames to follow.  Many people were in new positions, including the pitcher.  The inning started with Shane "Please Swing, I don't Know What I am Doing" Gross searching for the plate and Fugro found their groove early scoring 5 while we were figuring out our fielding.  The bottom of the first inning started strong with strong leadoff single by Brendan "Crazy Legs" Lo who managed to make it to home through a series of singles and outs.  The web gem of the night came in the top of the second when Dave "I Can Do This Myself" Martin had an unassisted triple play after making a snag on a line drive and tagging two runner out.  Nothing short of incredible.  The game was turning around and Paul "Ringer" Sargent led off the inning with a solo home run.  Theresa "One Base at a Time" Turri also crossed the plate.  Fugro found their groove again and scored another 6 runs in the 3rd, causing Degenkolb to question their fielding strategy.  Degenkolb came back in the bottom of the inning.  Paige "Green Shorts" Hill had her first single in the league to get it started.  We strung together 7 more hits scoring 5 runs.  A passer-by saw the inning and was hooked.  He cheered for us the rest of the game and heckled the competition.  In the next inning Kate "I'm Not Scared, Send Me to Third" Coffaro took Paul's place allowing him to move to the outfield.  This proved to be an amazing move with Brendan and Paul shutting down the outfield.  Even Jen "I am Much Better at Gymnastics" Graylson pitched in by catching her 4th popup in 6 years.  Andrew "I'm On First" Ma had a solid game but Shane is hoping this is a short term position change.  Degenkolb shut Fugro down, allowing only 5 runs total in the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th innings.  Alan "Hitting 1000 for the Season" Roberts continued hitting well going 4 for 4 in the game.  With the score at the end of the 6th; Fugro 17 and Degenkolb at 8, a come back was going to be difficult in the 7th.  Degenkolb decided going to the bar was much easier so we had an anti-climatic 7th going down 1, 2, 3.  Although we did not win, it was a great showing and Fugro was a great sport.  Thanks to all who came out and made the game possible.  This coach for a week was very happy.
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Posted by lanachan on June 17, 2011 11:17 AM
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