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Creative Workplace and Seismic Safety

San Francisco’s Bay Area Science and Technology companies have realized the importance of creative, flexible, and inviting workplaces to attract and retain top-level talent.

Seismic Safety

Increasingly, seismic safety as it relates to life safety for their employees, has also been incorporated into company’s real estate management plans. Thanks to project coordination, schedule and cost advantages, the best time for clients to perform seismic retrofits is when major tenant improvement projects are planned.

“For our technology clients, we design seismic retrofit solutions to accommodate architectural features and open floor spaces inside their buildings,” said Roger Parra, Principal at Degenkolb Engineers.

Collaborating with the architect and construction team is crucial. “Knowing that we have to stay within a fast-track schedule and budget, we work with the architect and construction teams to implement multiple package submittals to allow for faster permitting while front loading structural work in the construction schedule,” said Laurie Johnston, Principal at Degenkolb Engineers. 

Integration Process

During major tenant improvement projects, Degenkolb can develop seismic design solutions that mitigate risk while incorporating structural systems to allow for open floor plans needed for tomorrow’s innovations. Our philosophy and approach to seismic retrofit and corporate interior projects is to quickly develop Project Design Criteria and appropriately scale it to the size and schedule of each specific project.

Solutions that Fit

The road map provides the client with a very strategic look at when we need to receive and provide information, and finalize design elements as quickly as possible. This process includes integration with the client, design team, general contractor partner, and key subcontractors. Success is highly dependent on people and behaviors: early communication, pushing back on preconceived ideas of individuals, being committed to integration with the project team, bringing forth bold ideas, and being good listeners.

For more information on creative interiors and seismic safety,
contact Laurie Johnston, 415-354- 6427,, or
Roger Parra, 415-354-6422,

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