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Vive La Resilience!: The Degenkolb Salon


While Mexico continues rescue efforts after the 7.1 Earthquake and our country slowly recovers from the devastation of fires, two major hurricanes and flooding that will have an impact for many years to come, the concern about the resiliency of our Southern California cities and our built structures is always at the forefront of discussion within the Architectural/Engineering/Construction community. Because all of our clients have concerns about resilience, Degenkolb’s Los Angeles office decided to create a forum for thought leaders within the A/E/C community, academia, local cities and healthcare to have ongoing, meaningful discussions about resilience and other issues that are important to our communities. We have labeled this ongoing forum the Degenkolb Salon.

The Salon concept is not a new one. The definition of “Salon” in this context is the French word for drawing room, the original location of these get-togethers. The first Salon originated during the French Revolution and provided the forum where the opposition to Napoleon was born and fostered. Degenkolb Engineers defines our Salon as a group of interested individuals coming together to exchange ideas on topics that they care about. Because of the urgency to our community and our buildings to make improvements to weather imminent disasters, resiliency is a critical topic. Through ongoing, inclusive discussions, we hope to create new policy, legislation or initiatives that will help to move forward the strengthening of our built environment before it’s too late.

Our “kick-off” Salon included a presentation by Dr. John Daly, Communications Expert, Distinguished Professor at the University of Texas, Austin and Author of “Advocacy; Championing Ideas and Influencing Others” (Yale). The thought was that one could not begin to bring these ideas to realization without understanding how to advocate and gain consensus despite the many inevitable obstacles and challenges. The attending group included A/E/C firm leaders, The Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, Academics, Structural Engineers Association of Southern California (SEAOSC) leadership, City representatives and Healthcare representatives. In a time when most of our communication takes place via email and text, the Salon provides a place for meaningful, face-to-face conversation.

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Posted by allisonacosta on September 28, 2017 3:21 PM
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