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2011 Tekla Awards, Top Honors
The Sutter Alta Bates Patient Care Pavilion proudly took top honors at the 2011 Tekla Awards in the BIM category competition. DPR Construction submit the award on behalf of the IPD team, in which Degenkolb plays a vital role. The annual Tekla Awards were open to all Tekla users that have used BIM to model a project during a specified time frame. Projects were submit and judged in three categories: • Category 1 – BIM• Category 2 - Steel• Category 3 - ConcreteOnce the top projects were selected, they were presented to a panel of three judges: Rafael Saks, Associate Professor, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology; Heather Brown, Director & Associate Professor, Concrete Industry Management at Middle Tennessee State University; and Chris Moor, Director Industry Initiatives, American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).Congrats to the team! More information about the competition and winners can be found here.
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